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Leo Ringot

About myself

Hi, I'm Leo, I'm a french student, my business school is the Eurepean Business School located in Paris.I was leave here in San Francisco for one month for a digital expedition. Actually I'm in this city since three weeks. As part of my course, my co-workers and myself, we had classes of Coding, Lean StarUp, Bay Area Ecosystem During,and Digital Marketing and Growth. During there classes my principal problem is to follow the teacher and in the same time understand what he say. In my opinion the schedule of the first day , it's a very good idea beacause we can see many district next to Union Square. For me, that a nice introduce to start the program. Then, San Francisco are a city most expensive in the world, this month learnt to me to spend less money, and try to eat good food and avoid eat greasy food. San Francisco are an airy city, with so many vegetation. Otherwise, the homeless takes drugs and walks around like zombies, I find this so many strange. Indeed, we can't go out the night. My objective of this month are, to discover a little part of United States, a new culture, ameliorate my english, and learn coding because it's my fist time, I never had classes like this in France. Moreover, for my intership, I want to do this one in a luxury brand like Tommy Hilfiger or Paul Smith beacause I want purchase y study in a master in management of fashions and luxury. Last year I did my summer intership in the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris. During this intership I was in the corner « Sneakers », regularly I spoke in english or sometimes in chinese or spanish. To conclude, I really appreciate live like a Californian, that is an experience really enriching.

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